Migration Law


We work for clients for different areas in migration law, especially the following areas:

1. Business migration;
2. Partner visa application;
3. Skilled migration applications;
4. Student visa applications;
5. Administrative Appeal Tribunal review applications.

Cases for Appeal to Administrative Appeal Tribunal: our principal, Harry Jiang often appeals for clients at AAT for refusals of various visa applications, especially for refusal of partner visa applications by the Department of Home Affairs.

1. There is one case when a client approached Harry Jiang after her partner visa application was refused by the Department and after she had consulted several migration agents and migration lawyers whose advice to her basically that her application and proposed appeal to AAT would have no any reasonable prospect of success, Harry Jiang gave the client detailed analysis why her application failed and what new evidence she would require in order to succeed at AAT. Harry Jiang went through each piece of new evidence the client provided to him as per his advice and lodged an appeal with AAT within the time period for the client and took quite substantial amount of time to advise the client to get additional new evidence and to meet and talk with each witness and attended the hearing with the client and the witnesses at the hearing. Harry Jiang made oral detailed submission to the member of AAT as to why AAT shall approve our appeal and made comprehensive written submission after the hearing to the ATT and provided additional materials required by AAT after the hearing and ATT was persuaded that the parties were in genuine relationship;

2. There is another case when a client attended our office and sought legal advice with Harry Jiang about her partner visa application, again was refused by the Department of Home Affairs and again, was advised by several migration agents and migration lawyers that he potential appeal with AAT was deemed to fail because one, her sponsor died; second, she should have grabbed substantially more witnesses statements in support which her formal migration agent did not request these witnesses to provide; third, the parties’ relationship is a short term relationship-only about 6-7 months when the sponsor husband passed away suddenly. The formal migration agent advised our client that the following day that her husband passed away, the Department would grant you a permanent resident visa, do not worry. What she received from the Department, unfortunately, is a letter of refusal from the Department following her husband’s death. Harry Jiang successfully talked with each witness who did not have any chance to give evidence before to give evidence and organised a meeting with each witness evidence as to how to give evidence at the hearing and arranged for the client to find new fresh evidence to rebut the adverse decision of the Department point by point. We succeeded in the hearing. The matter was referred back to the Department for further assessment. The client was only required to provide one or two additional materials and was granted with a permanent resident visa. The very very happy client who referred more friends to our legal firm. We built our reputation on the cases we ran for the clients. Harry Jiang always handles each appeal case by himself.