Corporate Law


1. Advising on legal aspect of corporations;
2. Establishment of a new corporation.

Various investors trusted certain friends and made substantial amount of investments into various construction projects without having entered into detailed shareholders agreements, without tracking on the construction progresses at all. Years later, the friends reported markets were bad and investments were not as good as predicted. The clients obtained various legal representations to confront the friends, but unfortunately, the friends did not care about such confrontation at all. More than one year passed and there was no progress at the Court against the friends for recovery of principal money and expected profits. The clients sacked several legal practitioners they hired and obtained Harry Jiang and a barrister team to act for the client and start digging money transferred all over the place by the friends. Harry Jiang and the barrister legal team used various legal actions to dig though all the money hided by the friends and forced the friends of the clients to throw in the towel eventually and got an idea result that most clients wanted;