Family Law


We understand that you might face difficult family problem. We might be able to help you to bridge over this difficult period. We are experienced in family law matters. Most litigation matters that our firm handles are family law matters. We will listen to your scenario first and attempt to give you sound advice in resolving your family dispute rather than encourage you to initiate litigation straight away which is costly and time consuming. Only after peaceful attempt has been exhausted that we would suggest the clients to take legal action at Family Court or Federal Circuit to invite the Court’s intervention. The areas we do in family law matters are:

1. Divorce application;
2. Advising and drafting of Binding Financial Agreement-before marriage, during marriage, before divorce and after separation as well as after divorce;
3. De facto Agreements;
4. Parenting litigation;
5. Property division litigation.

1. A client approached Harry Jiang and advised Harry Jiang that she could not locate her husband who she believed might have moved back to China. Her formal solicitor did not make parenting application successfully as she instructed and she transferred the file to our legal firm. Harry Jiang successfully obtained final parenting order with Parramatta Family Court;

2. Harry Jiang acted for a respondent father whose then wife made a property division and parenting application with Family Court. The respondent father had care of the only child of the parties at that time. The parties had prior unpleasant child caring dispute when the parties were in China. The family of the wife made several attempts to take away the child from the care of the father without consent of the father. The parties agreed before that the father and the father’s family shall have care and education in China of the child before the child reached certain age and the mother shall contact the child. The mother applied for parenting orders, one of which was to force the father to take the young child back to Australia-not in line with the agreement reached between the parties that the child shall receive education in China before certain age and then, the father shall take the child back to Australia for education and living. Given the circumstances of the parties, we were of the view that it would not be in the best interests of the child for the father to take the child back to Australia then only because the mother herself relocated back to live in Australia. The Court refused to make that particular order as we opposed then.